Wall Framing

Wall framing is best described as the wall studs and the frame that adds stability and integrity to the building being constructed. Effectively wall framing provides the support for the interior and exterior walls. Without adequate wall framing, a construction will not be structurally sound and could be subject to collapse. That’s why it’s vital that the wall framing in place is secure and well constructed. In addition to supporting the walls, adequate framing also secures the ceiling, the floors and the roof of the building. The frames are therefore the first part of a building that will be constructed. They are effectively the base and the outline for the building, so it’s imperative that strong materials are used and that the right wall framing techniques are applied. Oz Set is selective in the wall framing materials that we use. We use Steel Stud and Track Framing system.

So what exactly is a Steel Stud and Track Framing system?

Just as the name would suggest, Steel Stud and Track Framing is an alternative to wooden wall framing and it is made out of steel. It acts as a frame for internal and external walls to be nailed into and comes in various sizes so it will suit your individual needs. Steel Stud and Track Framing can be used for external walls and plasterboard so if for some reason you want to add another room or level to the building at a later date because your needs have changed you can easily do so.

Steel Stud and Track Framing can be used for most purposes and is a lightweight and durable material for the construction of your building. Steel Stud and Track Framing has vertical ribs. The vertical ribs mean that the plasterboard, cladding or gyprock can easily be secured to the frame. These vertical ribs allow for small movements without reducing the integrity and strength of the building. In addition to being easier to secure, Steel Stud and Track Framing is safe and complies with the various Australian building codes related to fire, earthquake and weight bearing giving you confidence that you’ve chosen the right material for the construction of your building.

Being safety compliant and offering stability, Steel Stud and Track Framing creates a desirable acoustic impact meaning that sound does not transmit between rooms, or in and outside of the building as easily as if another wall framing system had been used.

Construction can be expensive and cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, or millions if you’re erecting a commercial building so anywhere you can save money while retaining quality is always going to be a bonus. Steel Stud and Track Framing is a very economical and practical solution that provides a minimal footprint and is durable.

Australia is home to termites. Termites are little insects that attack wood reducing its stability and life expectancy. If a building gets termites then either way the outlook is not good. You will either be in a situation where you will need to treat the termite infected wood which can cost significant money. If left untreated then the entire building faces being completely destroyed within 5-10 years which means you will be facing the cost of a new building if you choose to rebuild. Steel Stud and Track Framing does not carry that risk because termites cannot attack steel like they can wood. Steel Stud and Track Framing offers 100% protection from termites which will help increase the life of your building.

It’s not just termites that Australia is home to. Every single year there is a bushfire season which can devastate whole communities and cause millions of dollars worth of damage. Hardly anywhere in Australia is immune to bushfire risks and due to Australia’s vast bushland and warm climate, bushfires can easily spread between communities. That could cause damage to your building. Steel Stud and Track Framing won’t catch fire at all meaning that your building will be way more secure than if it was constructed out of another material. That gives you long term peace of mind and the confidence to build in areas where there is a higher fire danger.

Steel Stud and Track Framing is safe for buildings and it’s safe for building owners because there are no sharp edges where you could get injured. These rounded edges also make the profile of the Steel Stud and Track Framing more rigid so it will hold securely in place. The Steel Stud and Track Framing noggings offer a high level of support for the internal and external walls which means that they do not need to be cut later on the construction site. Being precept is advantageous because there is less room for error and the Steel Stud and Track Framing beams will be the same consistent size and shape throughout the building.

All of this information provided above may seem a bit technical and you might be left with a number of questions such as what configurations can Steel Stud and Track Framing be used for? Why should I choose this over other materials and what other materials are available when I’m having a building erected? If you do still have questions and would like more information then give our friendly team a call and we will be able to help you. We will explain all of this information in a way that you understand as it relates to your particular building requirements. We have used Steel Stud and Track Framing for many years on hundred of building sites and would be happy to help you with your query so give us a call on 040 772 3372.