Plasterboard (or Gyprock which it is also commonly referred to as) is our main internal lining materials for Residential and commercial properties. We Supply and Install many varieties and Brands of Plasterboard to suit your needs.


As a plastering business, one of our commitments is to supply plasterboard and plaster products that clients need to complete their job on time.  

The main type of Plasterboard / Gyprock used commonly in residential Housing is the 10mm thickness. It gives a smooth finished look and is long lasting walls and ceilings, you can use your unique design ideas and form so many different styles and finishes, you can incorporate the 6mm Curved Plasterboard/ Gyprock to give curves and form almost any design you have envisaged.


Aquachek or Villaboard Plasterboard

Another type of plasterboard is Aquachek or Villaboard.  Villaboard is mainly used in bathrooms to hold the weight of tiles, taps, mirrors and shower screens due to its fibre cement properties. 

Due to its durability it can also be used in commercial kitchens or buildings. Like plasterboard it offers a smooth finish and can easily be painted or tiled if you’d like to change the look while retaining the durability and strength,

 Aquachek is used in wet areas such as outdoor ceilings, laundry, kitchen.


Soundchek can be used in media rooms, music rooms and party walls in units by helping to prevent the transfer of noise from room to room.  Adding sound screen insulation to these walls will give you the ultimate package in Sound proofing.

Impactchek, and Supaceil Plasterboards

Gyprock Impactchek is a high strength 13mm thick plasterboard with a reinforced core that is an ideal wall lining for high impact areas, such as stairwells, it is used in both Residential and commercial projects.

Gyprock Supaceil sets the standard for plasterboard in ceilings. This lightweight 10mm thick plasterboard features Optimised Core technology to provide significantly improved strength, handling and board performance, is typically used as a superior ceiling lining option in residential applications

Fire resistant Board

Gyprock Fyrchek has been developed to take the heat. Fyrchek’s specially processed glass fibre-reinforced gypsum core makes it ideal for use in fire rated wall and ceiling systems and where improved acoustic performance is required.

Fibre Cement Board

Fibre cement board is another type of internal lining that you can use. Fibre cement board is manufactured in sheets and can also be painted if you’d like to choose your colour scheme. Similar to Villaboard, fibre cement board is water resistant meaning that if it gets wet it will not falter. It’s strength and stability will remain.


Selecting a cornice will give your home a new dimension of style and detail. Whether minimal, traditional or modern in style, each has a unique and distinctive look that can add value to your home.

There are a wide variety of cornice types available and we can discuss your individual needs.


Oz Set has extensive experience in Home renovations and extensions, this task of matching new in with the existing can be quite tricky and requires experience and correct use of products for the individual project.

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