People have always cared about their homes and treated them with the love and care they deserve. Most homes in Australia are worth $500k – $1 million, or higher in Melbourne and Sydney. People’s homes are the place that they spend the most of their time in and their homes are their most valuable asset. Whether you’ve owned your house a long time or just a short time there is a high chance that at some point you will renovate your house and that means either painting or wallpapering. You may even get a new wall put into your home so that you have extra space for a study or an extra child.

Before you do paint or wallpaper the wall though you’ll need to get the wall constructed. Part of that construction process involves getting the wall plastered. Plaster is more durable than drywall and has been used for centuries, even in ancient Egypt. It has therefore proved its popularity and strength and is designed to last for centuries or as long as the property lasts. Because of plaster’s durability it is the one part of a property that doesn’t need to be fixed or altered. It is low maintenance unlike drywall which is more likely to suffer cracks and need replacing. Due to its strength, plaster is often used in commercial buildings, libraries or government buildings.

The purpose of plastering is to make the wall more secure. Plaster is made from a mixture including cement however it can also be made out of other things. Plaster can be used to increase the durability of the wall or it can be used as a decoration. A wall without plaster is unlikely to have a smooth finish and that could affect the aesthetics of the interior of a property. It could also also reduce the durability of the wall. Basically plaster acts as a coating for the wall on top of the construction frame and is essential if you want your home to have an inviting appearance.

If you want to hang posters or wall frames up then a plastered wall can create a flat surface making it easier to decorate your property than if there was no plaster. Therefore plaster makes your home a nicer place to live than if it was not plastered.

Plaster can also be used if you would like your property to have a unique interior design as it can be moulded. Plaster has been used to create intricate details in Victorian and contemporary homes helping you create a unique atmosphere in your home. It can be used to create custom fireplaces and other decorative attributes for example. If you want to show your unique personality, plaster should be your go to material.

Plaster doesn’t just have aesthetic benefits. With more and more people living in apartments and apartment construction booming, there are questions over noise. When you are close to your neighbours the noise is likely to travel between both apartments. Plaster creates an additional sound barrier so you’ll be able to enjoy more peace and quiet without disturbances from your neighbours or people in other rooms in your house. You will also be able to enjoy greater privacy. If you’re a musician or performer then plaster is a good choice if you want to reduce sound getting through or leaking out of the room. It offers good acoustics and is more tightly bonded to the wall frame than other materials.


Unlike other materials, plaster is extremely easy to clean and in this day and age when hygiene and cleanliness is on everyone’s mind, plaster is the best choice. Even the more difficult to reach spots that have been plastered can be cleaned giving you a nice finish all the time.

When your property has been plastered then you will enjoy two benefits:

•   Cooler in Summer.

•   Warmer in Winter.

That means you will save money on your power bill all year round without compromising on comfort in your property.

Every year Australia has a bushfire season which means there is always a risk that if you live in an area prone to bushfires there is a risk to your home. Plaster however is more fire resistant than other homes which will make it safer. If you have small children, pets or valuables that will give you comfort and peace of mind.

If you’re thinking of renovating your existing home or building a new home then plastering is a brilliant option and that is why it’s been around for centuries and has stood the test of time. To this day plaster can still be found in the pyramids and that has to say something about how strong it is. Plaster is versatile so it doesn’t just need to be used for walls. It can also be used for staircases or around your fireplace if your home has one.


In addition to being concerned with bushfire season, plastering is environmentally friendly and is a breathable material that is free from chemicals, which can add long term value to your home.


To talk to an expert in the field of plastering call the friendly team at OzSet on 040 772 3372. We will be able to answer any questions that you have about plastering and give you information about the plastering jobs that we have previously done. That will make you feel safe in your plastered home and give it a beautiful appearance if you choose to have your home plastered by us.