When people purchase or rent a home they don’t really think about the materials that were used in the construction of the building. All they think about is the appearance of the home and how it makes them feel when they’re in it. They think about the physical space and the location. It’s a similar scenario when they decide to build their own home. They consider the location and what their individual requirements are such as:

•   How many rooms they need;

•   The type of rooms they need;

•   If they need a balcony;

•   If they need a patio;

•   The overall size of the home;

•   How they plan to decorate the home;

•   How long they intend to live in the home;

•   Whether or not they will live in the home or rent it out.

What they don’t normally consider are the materials that are used in the building construction. The materials that are used are more important than you would first think especially given that most people own their home for at least a few years, or longer in certain circumstances. Some people own their own home for 20 – 30 years. Normally when people buy their home they do so before they have children or introduce pets into the family. With that in mind it’s vitally important that the home is constructed out of durable and long lasting materials.

The materials that are used inside the home will be subject to more wear and tear, so therefore if they’re not long-lasting there’s the risk of damage which can be costly. Whilst it’s relatively simple to paint over marks on a wall, if the foundation of the wall isn’t secure then the cost could be extremely high because the entire wall will need to be replaced and that’s an expense that nobody wants, so while it may seem easier to scrimp on materials, it’s better to invest upfront and then you will only be up for the cost once.

So if you’re not knowledgeable in the area of construction, what materials should you use and what professional should you contact for the interior of your home?

Some people choose to use plaster which has been around for centuries, however gyprock is another option as well. Gyprock is also referred to gypsum board, drywall or plasterboard however there are slight variations between each of these materials. Gyprock acts as an interior lining in your home. This is important because it makes the property more inviting. If your property was constructed out of bricks then the home would not be very inviting and it would have an industrial feel to it whereas gyprock offers a more inviting feel and acts as a barrier between the foundation and the room. What you choose to do with gyprock is an individual choice but typically because it is smooth it is really good for painting. You can also wallpaper it if that’s your preference. Some people opt for plain white paint and will then decorate the home the way that they want. An example might be hanging shelving on the walls. To do this you would need to drill into the gyprock and then hanging the shelves up. You can’t do this with brick. It’s simply not possible. Others may choose to hammer a nail into the wall so they can hang up pieces of art work that reflect their own individual style. Gyprock is very easy to drill into and due to its strength, doing so won’t cause damage.

Then there are practicalities. Gyprock is durable and offers a barrier between the exterior material and the interior, so if you have power points in the wall gyprock makes the home more secure and safer from fire risks. It also makes the home warmer than if you did not have gyprock because it adds an extra layer between the exterior materials and the interior that you use when you’re at home. Think of it as a form of insulation in your home so aside from making the home look nicer, it also can save you money on electricity all year round because it’s warmer in the cooler months and cooler in the warmer months. Basically using gyprock can save you money for a small investment when you’re building your home.

Safety is paramount. Although most homes in Australia have smoke alarms as a safety requirement when the home is built, it’s important to know that the materials the home is constructed out of are fire resistant. Gyprock is fire resistant so if the home did unfortunately catch fire the risk wouldn’t be as bad as if another material was used. Gyprock is also environmentally friendly so when you have your home built you can rest assured that you are helping the environment and contributing to a healthier planet.

Whether you need a new wall installed in your home because the previous one was damaged, or if you’re constructing a new home, you should consider using gyprock because of its versatility and durability. It is also very easy to clean and your home will maintain a beautiful appearance for the length of time you own it. We are available all over Brisbane and surrounds and we have worked with commercial building firms which has helped us attain a strong reputation and we are the preferred guy-rocker for many individuals and businesses. We often get referrals so give us a call on 040 772 3372 to talk about your needs.