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A selection of the ceiling options we use is listed below:

  • Timber feature ceilings and walls

Timber feature ceilings are ideal for those who would like a more rustic atmosphere in their building. Think of a timber feature ceiling as being similar to a timber floor or a timber wall. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the timber and can choose the varnish finish. Timber feature ceilings offer a natural look for those who want to steer clear of white and who want to bring a natural look into their home or office. 

  • Plasterboard ceilings and walls

Plasterboard is one of the most versatile interior building materials around and it can also be used in commercial and shop fit-outs on suspended ceiling systems. 

  • Perforated ceilings

Perforated ceilings are ceilings constructed from tiles that have been perforated. They typically are used in commercial buildings and assist with sound absorption. Instead of remaining in the room, the sound will travel through the tiles which creates excellent acoustic quality and reduces the noise level within the room, so it’s great for noisy offices or commercial spaces. Perforated ceilings are available in a variety of materials, colours and shapes so speak to one of our experts about the best option for your individual needs.

  • Metal strip ceilings

Metal strip ceilings are commonly used in commercial buildings where acoustic quality and longevity are the two main priorities. Metal strip ceilings over temperature control and can reduce the heat in a space, so would be brilliant for factories or warehouses where you need good temperature control. They can also be used in offices in warmer climates.

  • Suspended tile ceilings

Suspended tile ceilings are made from white plasterboard and often come in a grid-like format. They’re generally used in commercial buildings however they can also be used in residential buildings. The purpose of the tiles is to improve the acoustics of the building. The grid can either be hidden or remain visible. 

  • Skylights
Timber Feature Ceiling

Timber Feature ceiling

commercial plastering

Metal strip ceiling

Timber outdoor ceiling

Timber outdoor ceiling