What type of look do you want the interior of your home to look? What type of exterior do you want it to have? The type of cladding will affect what you experience in your home and what people see from the street when they go past your house. Although a lot of factors do impact the appearance of your home, cladding is one of the biggest influencers and can give your house a unique appearance or if you’d prefer you can use cladding to play it safe and neutral with a timeless look that will last for decades. So what types of cladding are there and what types of cladding do we use?

The following are not the only types of cladding we use however they are the main ones:

•   Matrix cladding

•   Linea Cladding

•   Fibre cement Cladding

•   Barestone 

•   Easylap

•   Exotec

•   Equitone 

Matrix cladding is best used on the exterior of a building and will generally be used for high rise apartments of 5 or more stories however it could also be used for commercial buildings. It gives a textured look for those wanting something different. Matrix cladding may also be used on larger homes where you want to make a statement. Matrix cladding is essentially panels that can be cut into the shape and size to suit your requirements. It creates a modern look. We’ve worked on some buildings where the client has opted more multi-tone matrix cladding which is great if you want to create a modern look and draw attention to a certain wall or area of the building.  That means the cladding panels can be painted absolutely any colour that you want so you really get the look you desire. Matrix cladding is durable and will truly stand the test of time. We can show you pictures of the properties we’ve used it on if you would like to see exactly how it looks and get a taste for what our style is.

For the exterior cladding of a house we can also offer linea cladding. Linea cladding offers a classic, yet modest look that never goes out of fashion. Linea cladding are panels that go from one side of the house to the other and can be painted. Linea cladding panels are durable and long lasting. Like Maxtrix cladding, linea cladding can be painted any colour you want and to ensure that is waterproof and maintains its beautiful appearance for longer it’s recommended that you paint it at least once every ten years, or more frequently if you desire. Linea cladding is a type of weatherboard that is very popular amongst Australians, especially in classic Queensland homes. It has been used in the state for several decades and we would be more than happy to use linea cladding on your house. Just ask us for some examples of the work we’ve done using linea cladding.

Although some people are always going to opt for a class style of exterior cladding, others want their home to have a completely unique appearance. If that is what you want then we recommend fibre cement cladding. Fibre cement cladding was first introduced into Australia in the 1980s as an alternative for those who wanted to clads their homes differently to what was on offer at the time. Fibre cement cladding lightweight cladding that is developed out of cement and other materials. It offers insulation and protection from Australia’s natural elements so in both the cooler months and the warmer months saving you money on power. You will be protected giving you peace of mind that your most valuable asset will stand the test of time., both practically and aesthetically. Unlike timber based cladding there is absolutely no risk of the material warping or being infected with termites so the structure will remain intact for a very long time. Buildings with fibre cement cladding require very little maintenance and many of our clients swear by it and are thrilled with the work that we’ve done.

Another option that our builders like to use is Barestone. Just like some people prefer to wear minimal make up, Barestone cladding offers a raw appearance on the building’s exterior. A raw appearance is a great choice when you want the building to blend into the background of the local surrounds. Every piece of Barestone concrete is cut into a unique shape and size so no two buildings will look the same enabling you to express your individual taste and style.

What if you can’t decide between timber or cement? That’s where Easylap cladding is an excellent option. Easylap cladding cement sheets can be used with timber and each sheet can be cut to suit. It’s often used on single story or smaller dwellings rather than commercial properties and is low maintenance. If you’re renovating your home – adding a room or another story and want to create a contrast with the existing structure then this is a brilliant choice offering a spectacular finish. If you’re on a budget and want to be careful with how you spend your money then Easylap cladding offers an affordable solution.

These are just some of the cladding options we offer but if you’re still unsure on what cladding is right for you we’d be more than happy to chat to you about your project. We’ve worked on commercial and residential projects all over Brisbane and have a proven track record. Get in touch with us on 040 772 3372 and see how we can help.